Time Control Intense Lifting 7x1ml


15 á lager

Bi-Phase premium ampoule for firmer and smoother appearing skin

TIME CONTROL Intense Lifting is a bi-phase premium ampoule that helps to reduce even pronounced wrinkles and strengthens the tissue with a unique combination of valuable ingredients. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, the anti-aging booster improves the skin’s elasticity. Effective “botox-like” and “retinol-like” ingredients help to stimulate collagen synthesis and have a smoothing effect at the same time. In addition, the valuable oil phase restores important lipids to the skin and leaves a velvety skin feeling. Without mineral oil, parabens, silicones, PEG emulsifiers (completely without emulsifiers).

Application: Brief shaking connects the phases. Cover the neck of the ampoule with the enclosed ampoule opener (1.) and break it off with a downward jerk (2.). Apply the content to the palm of the hand (3.) and spread over face, neck and cleavage. Apply the usual care afterwards if desired. For external use only. Do not store in a cool place! The ampoule head remains in the ampoule opener until the next ampoule is opened. This results in no contact with the glass.