Soft Lip Balm


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Soft Lip Balm
For soft, well-groomed lips


• Caring • Moisturizing • Protecting • Smoothing, texture-improving

• For soft, well-groomed lips
• Protects and cares for the sensitive, thin skin of the lips
• Helps to prevent lip wrinkles (Pre-Aging)
• Lipstick can be applied immediately and lasts better
• With valuable natural oils and waxes
• Velvety light cream texture (no lip salve, no “addiction potential“)
• Long-lasting care effect
• With pleasant delicate aroma
• Convenient applicator, tube size optimal for travelling/ for the handbag
• Without mineral oil (paraffin oil), silicones, PEG emulsifiers and colorants

Main ingredients
• Volulip™: improves lip volume and texture, moisturizing
• Gatuline® In-Tense: firming, tightening
• Squalane: moisture-retaining, lipid-replenishing, smoothing
• Carnauba wax: protecting the lips
• Beeswax: skin-protecting

Apply to lips and lip contours as needed.

For raw lips: conduct a gentle lip peeling, e.g. made from honey and sugar, or gently massage the
skin of the lips with a toothbrush. Excess skin flakes are removed and high-quality lip care can better
take its effect.
For dry lips: don’t use any lip salve, ingredients such as mineral oil could lay like a film on the skin of
the lips, make the lips swell and dry out even more.